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Agencies near LAX
Los Angeles Airport

Call for your Shuttle
to these Agencies:

  • Midway luxury and downtown
  • EZ rent a car
  • 24 Hour rent a car
  • OK rent a car
  • Black & White rent a car
  • State Van and
  • EVR executive van rental
  • Sakura car rental
  • SuperCheap car rentals
  • Discovery rent a car

Enter dates and times above to do a rate search and find exact mileage to each agency.

All of these agencies have airport shuttles.Most require you to call for pickup, so bring along your reservation confirmation e-mail, which includes the agency phone number.

Los Angeles Best Cheap Car Rentals

Renter Ratings allow you to choose the best car rental deal for your price range. Search for rates above and you will see a listing of all agencies, their car rental prices and Renter Ratings.

Any Independent Agency with 4 stars + can have great service and prices which beat the major brands.

If you are even more adventurous, you can find extremely cheap car rentals, at some agencies with median ratings. Make sure you check the vehicle thoroughly on pickup. If service is a tad slow, consider all the money you are saving.

Students and young drivers can find low-cost, longer-term vehicles at Super Cheap car rentals.

Bring Proof of US Insurance and Save Big Time

Did you know that the state of California requires all drivers to have third-party Liability Insurance?

That means you must bring Proof of Insurance (a hard copy) to avoid paying for extra Liability Insurance at the rental car pickup counter. Agencies may have no choice but to apply this insurance cost, due to the laws of the state of California.

Likewise, if you wish to avoid the risk of paying for a damaged vehicle, bring Proof of Collision Coverage (a hard copy) from your existing US insurance agency. This may help you limit any accident costs to the range of your deductible, rather than full vehicle cost. Check agency policies, and be prepared to purchase a Collision Damage Waiver if you need more coverage.

For visitors from Foreign Countries, Insurance Coverage most often must be purchased when renting a car in the USA.